Utmost pack is a packaging solution machine supplier, we always think about "how to make better" and belive "true machine bring success".  Especially professional experiene on mixed nuts pack solution, including mixing, conveying and package into small bag, zipper bag, bag in bag, cups/tray, bottle/jar, robert system for second pack.

Also professional in frozen fruits and vegetable, mixing and conveying packaging into zipper pouch, pillow bag and quad seal. In pet food area, we have experinece on pack pet food into pillow bag, zipper pouch, box bottom bag and also pet food processing line.

We also manufactuing coffee capsule machine, cup fill, sealing and lid place system,protein powder jar line.

Especially we are professional on capping machine for cosmetic and pharmacy & food

We are trying to expand our applicaiton range to serve customer well.

Focus on machine quality details, service and prompt feedback of customer's demand

A good reputation is for our all life to make effort.

We are proud of what are doiing now, and fighting, insisit on and never give up of utmost pack team

How to make it better ? True machine bring success---Utmost Pack Solution.

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